Alrighty, today I am going to apologize from the start because I know that I will get heated with today’s topic, so sorry in advance xD. So, I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed again and came across something that really ticked me off. It happened to be one of those “A Moment of Silence for our Fallen Brother in the Friendzone” pictures. Let me make it clear, it wasn’t that it was another friendzone post, because I know we all can relate, it was just the fact of who posted it.

See the thing is, in my opinion, the people who complain that they are in the friendzone the most, are those who take for granted what is right in front of them. Maybe I’m not being clear, maybe a scenario might help with this one:
You’ve got two people, they are close friends and yes they both have some sort of feelings for the other one. They flirt all the time and they have a really good time together. Then, something happens to where one of the two makes a step forward and who would have guessed it, the other person has no objection. Well, things are dandy for a few weeks, the flirting continues but there still hasn’t been anything else but two friends who continue flirting. A month goes by and the guy posts something about how he’s being friendzoned or that there are no good girls(or “women”) in his area.
Ummmm…. What!? Did I miss something here? I mean really, what the heck? Guys, you say that girls are the ones who lead you on and all this other crap, but what about the friends that you string along for years and then throw something like that in their face? Is this some kind of, “I have swag, I can get her whenever I want” macho thing? Because if it is, you will, no matter what, be left behind after the girl has had enough.

It’s seriously frustrating when guys (or girls, have to be fair here) do crap like that. I mean seriously, what else are you looking for? Some imaginary girl (sorry woman) that you’ve made up in your mind and doesn’t exist? You need to face reality sweetheart, she is sitting right there in front of you getting played like an idiot while you are there complaining about how there are no girls or that you are being friendzoned. You get friendzoned because you are a JERK to the ones who actually care and put in the effort to start something with you. I’m telling you right now, that girl that you really hurt, she will eventually move on, and she will find a guy who actually sees what you’ve been missing. Only then will you realize what you had right in front of you, and I honestly doubt she will feel sorry for you.

Well, my rant is over. o.o Told you, it was going to get a little heated, this topic is something that is very near and dear to me, so yeahhhhh…. What do you all think? Are we both guilty of doing this kind of crap? Anyone experienced it for themselves? Have any of you strung anyone along? 🙂


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